Welcome to Redland Angus

At REDLAND ANGUS the Female is the heart of our program. The high capacity, deep-ribbed, easy fleshing females have been raised and sorted on native range and have answered the challenge of being cost efficient producers. In a forage based program, they have raised heavy calves, stayed in condition and bred back early with low input costs and minimal labor.

Cost Efficiency = Profitability

For a commercial operation to generate a high level of cost efficient production, it must have a cow herd which will cope with fluctuating nutritional conditions and still be productive without requiring high levels of supplemental feeding. A low maintenance, productive cow herd that can efficiently utilize available resources is key. This is a function of body type and not EPD's or other numbers.

All cattle do well when fed grain as it is an environment providing a constant level of nutrition. Any stand-alone commercial breeding operation targeting maximum sustainable net profit is virtually a total grass based production system. At REDLAND ANGUS we are raising our cattle in the same method most of our commercial customers do and have found that only generations of cows bred to meet these requirements stand the test.

A commercial producer's net profit is tied to their herds ability to efficiently utilize what grass is available throughout the year. The same is true for us and the cattle we produce and offer for sale.

Range Calved - Range Raised®

The summer calving cow herd is run on an entirely forage based program. Cows graze out year round with only protein block supplementation through the hardest part of the winter. Calves are born unassisted on native range at 7500 ft elevation starting in mid June. Breeding season runs from early September through mid October at the same elevation on native range. The cows and calves are then moved to lower elevation and run on rough pasture for the remainder of the late fall and winter. Calves are weaned mid February.

At REDLAND ANGUS we believe that when low input costs, combined with the highest quality Angus genetics available are put under this type of selection pressure, quality will invariably rise to the top. The result being the very best type of Angus Bulls in our annual sales, raised to increase cost efficiency and profitability for the commercial cattleman.