Current AI & Herd Sires

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redland Travelerredland traveler 0930 3456

Redland Traveler 0930 3456

Registration: 15686857


coleman rainmaker 1141Rainmaker 1141 bw

Coleman Rainmaker 1141

 Registration: 17187793


Occ Emblazon 854EOCCEmblazon854E p2

O C C Emblazon 854E 

Registration: 12514348

One of the most dominant sires we have ever used for producing cows that excel in a low input range calved-range raised environment.

854E is recognized as the cow efficiency leader in the angus breed. His Daughters are easy fleshing with superb udders. He is a very dominant sire for producing uniformity and predictability in a calf crop. He combines big REA with calving ease & high $EN & SW. You will find that most of the cattle in the sale have Emblazon in their pedigree.

mcCumberTremendousHeadermC CUMBER TREMENDOUS 2008

Mc Cumber Tremendous 2008

 Registration: 17338585

 With two of the best cow families in the breed behind him, expect 2008 to sire females with very good teats and udders, depth of body, fleshing ability and fertility. He has been one of the most consistent.

mccumber 235 fortunate 4154Mc Cumber 235 Fortunate 4154

Mc Cumber 235 Fortunate 4154 2008

Registration: 17924307

4154 is out of a full sister to 2008. Expect the same kind of females as the cows pictured. 4154 was born with a 68 lb. actual birthweight yet he outgained all other calves in his calf crop to post a 4.67 ADG with an REA of 14.6. He is a long, deep bodied bull with excellent spring of rib. Stands square on his feet with a deep well muscled quarter.

GDAR GameDay 449GDAR GameDay 449

GDAR Game Day 449

Registration: 14691231

449 sires progeny in an eye appealing package with thickness, length, volume and hindquarter.  In the same mold as Emblazon 854E, he is a consistent breeding bull that sires calving ease and performance in a moderate framed package.  He sires efficient, excellent uddered daughters.

OCC Paxton 730P OCC Paxton 730P

O C C Paxton 730P

Registration: 14940735

OCC Paxton 730P is a high volume, easy doing, big REA sire. This group of sons look very strong.
Paxton sires extra volume, muscle and fleshing ability along with a +17.5 $EN score that reflects the efficiency his daughters are transmitting.

papa forte 1921papaForte

Papa Forte 1921

Registration: 11620690

We have gone back to using Forte 1921 for the combination of traits that he sires; calving ease, new born calf vigor, muscle, fleshing ability and some of the best range cows we have ever owned.